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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Love after marriage. It's beautiful. :)

  A year ago.. I still remember.. the moment when my sister said to my mom that she wanted to get married early. Then, mom said.. no one wants you.kekekeke. Sist really wants to get married as most of her friends already married. Maybe she get jealous seeing their happiness. heee
     Then until, on April 2012.. my cousin's aunt asked my mom about my sister..whether..she already had her own preference for her future husband. Then, mom said NO... ^^
     Until..on April 2012.. sist was being introduced to her future husband. Their first met was at Mid Valley and my sist keep telling me that his future husband is very shy n handsome. hihihi.. They met only for a few moments and then her future husband gave her a book... a religious book written by Ustzah Siti Norbahyah..but I don't remember the title.
     Things were not as expected. My sist thought that her future husband went to my house just to meet my parents and get to know each other first. But.. it ended up they got engaged. It's so sudden. :O Her future husband already broought together a ring during his first visit to my house...and my sister..just agreed to it. Can you imagine? The person that you only met once..and didn't really know about him.. and then suddenly..ask you to be his fiancee? It's such a hard decision for my sist..
   But then, as time passed.my sist and her future husband had to know each other before they got married. Again.. my sister was in a big shock when their wedding day is too sudden. Got engaged on May.. then both families already agreed that they will get married on August!
    Only 3 months for them to get to know to each other..and get prepared for their wedding day. i almost didn't believe this..
   But.. Alhamdulillah.. everything goes well during their wedding day. On 20 August.. which is on 3rd Syawal..they officially get married. They didn't know each other.. but then..only 3 months of taaruf session..finally they get married.. This is we called "Love after marriage"

Pic on their wedding day... look-alike right?

They're still awkward at first..but.after a few days..they became closer to each other.

   I hope for the best to both of them.. and now. they're waiting for their first child. My sist is 2 months pregnant. Hope everything goes well for both of them..and I..really want Love after marriage too..heee ^^