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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


It's hard...seriously.
If i can go back to the past time.. I don't want to know you.
I'm enduring this for 2 years.
I thought it'll end this semester..but. I couldn't
why? why it must be you that i've fallen for. :'(

Being secretly in love with someone is the hardest feeling. You get hurt,you get jealous, you cry and you get broken...but the saddest part is he doesn't know about it.

the way you treat me. I can't resist it.

There are times when it's better to choose to LOVE a person in SILENCE, for in silence,you will find no rejection. Likewise, it's sometimes better to choose to LOVE a person in DREAMS for in dreams, no one owns you, but....me.

Love a person in silence makes me suffered enough. You gave me hope that i' already know..we are not meant to be together.Sometimes, I wish  I could just ask you what you think of me...

So lost for words, I long for you. My heart soars whenever I'm around you. Too scared to say that I like you, because what if you don't like me too?

That awkward moment when your crush asks you who you like..I'm speechless.Dear crush,  You're hurting me without you knowing...if only I can tell you what I feel maybe it will make a difference.I hate this always at your side but not the girl you want..
You tell me about that girl that you like, but really on the inside I'm wishing it was me. You laugh and act like it's all peachy but you don't have a clue that while I stare into his eyes I'm wishing it was you. I pretend that I don't love you but it's too hard to hide. Soon I'm sure you will see what's hiding behind eyes. Now I'm sitting here alone wanting you to see, how much I really care for you and all that we could be.. :'(

Sometimes when I see my crush, I have the urge to just run up to him and slap him, then say, "See how much that hurts? The pain I feel when you dont notice me is ten times more.

but... I've decided
I won't chase you forever,I'll stop running.thanks for everything.