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Friday, 10 May 2013

Alhamdulillah. officially 20. :)

Alhamdulillah. Allah telah memberikan aku nafas dan nikmat yang sangat bernilai sepanjang tempoh 20 tahun ni. :)
But, I think I didn't really use my time wisely.huuuu
btw, this year's birthday really made my day..
lots of wishes from family and friends,..
first person yg wish besday is my roomate. smgt tido lewat semata-mata nak wish besday.. hee
and she gives me this..

and then.. got lots of wishes from my high school friends..
sak..nida.. special voice message from hannan n sya..
dri mesir hannan wish befday. am touched. heee
then..got message from sbie..mirah n intan, hanan..lepas tu beber kol..
dh lewat pun mase tu.. but..she sing birthday song for me..once again..i feel blessed to have
such precious friends like all of you.at 1.00 a.m..still I got a phone call from mcyaa..i tot she already forget about it.heee.. really appreciate it.although u're having exam.but u still have time for me. :')
on the day.. 8th May.. got another voice message from Perth. and it's from tikah!!
voice message paling panjang yg ku dapat. heee.she also sing birthday songs for me. korean and english version. that's my biras!! heee
and sorry to my friend, abby and sbie..bcoz i didn't realise your phone call. T____T
but..seriously..although we can't meet each other..but still I'm happy to hear their voices. Thanks for the wishes!
hope to meet all of you this June maybe.heee