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Friday, 25 February 2011

kpop artists like to do these??

hahaha..notim want 2 share here,,,juz i'm a little bit surprise to see this idol picture..huhu..
does real idol really like to take pics like this??
tyme ak kt skol dlu..still igt la bdak2 ni ska sgt ambk gmbr mcm ni..po katok gomok ak kelih..ghah said..
mmg trigt gler kta2 dia..hak3..act slalu jgk ktawakn bdak2 yg suka ambik gmbr cmtu..siap kutuk lagi..hak5..tapi xper dh mntak maaf.hahaha..skrang misz plak nk tgk sep2 naim ambl gmbr g2..ktorg ktuk2 pom at least tiru jgak..tp xskiut sep2 yg pndai buat la..at last hmpir smua gmbr cmtu..and semua ddlete..hahaha..lcu gk trigt bnda2 cmni bla tgk gmbr yoseob yg kiut ni..

tpi yoseob ni..buat mka mcm mna pom still kiut..kalau x dh xjdi idol la..
tp mmg sbjik la ngan fsyen yg biasa sep2 naim buat..hak3..
i'm surprise lol!!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

3 things most anticipated

this month......amt mndbarkn..huhu
mula2 psal result.tba2 dtg dri mn mitos rsult kluar awl..mmg trsbar luas la..huhu
yg lcu lgi..ad org ckp ari kmis..esokla..xlogik la..dlm brita pom xbgtau apa2 pom..huhu
2nd.............arghh can't wait to have first niece..my sis in-law..xbrslin lgi..wpom dh lpas trikh due..sbr mnanti..hak3..
and the 3rd..my so beast!!
another 1 week to wait..dont know how to hide that things from my parents..ahh..in trouble!!!duwajuseyo..hope my parents won't notice it

so..beast!! oh yeah!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

because of DREAM HIGH..

fuh!! 2 hari dh xmnlis..hak3..mcmla slma ni byk sgt tlis..bru nk stat brblogging jer,,huhu..nway..i didn't use full english anymore..huk3..neva mind..
        Ari ni tba2 je dpt idea nk tlis sal cter korea ni..act bknnyer tntg cter ni sgt pom..tp dsbbkn drama korea yg tgh hot ni la..n ak ykin rmai sgt trgila2 kan drama ni skrang..dtmbh dgn plakon2 yg kiut miut n fmes..n taleneted!!..dan juga dsebbkn cter ni..ak..my bro n sist..tba2 bkrjsma..co-opertion la ktakan..hak3..
for all this while..pdhl xpenah ktorang buat mcm ni..lcu pom ader..mmg bkrjsma dgn baik la...
 Act..apa yg ak mksudkan adlh..ktorg sama2 brpkt download cter ni..siap berbgi2 epsd lagi..ak xsgka la pulak abg ak yg umonya dh pm agk tua and sooner will bcome a fther..pom mmg brsgguh2 dload cter ni..diala yg plg byk download..hahaha..pdn muka..sbb ak dh tgk cter ni kt kbs..tp my bro n sist mnala smpt tgk..diorg bknnya pggur mcm ak..huhu
   Mmg dh jdi trdisi dlm fmily ak..sep2 ska mdload..untg jgk xperlu ak dload byk2..abg ak pulak mula tertrik dgn cter ni coz dia ni one of kpop fans..esp..girl group..tmbh2 bla tgk suzy miss A blkon..lgila spirit mamat ni nk tgk..dia ni actually pmlas nk dload cter korea..alsannya saiz bsar..dia mnat dload sries english..tp dload je..xsmpat pom tgk..huhuhu
 my sist pulak mmg k-drma fan..tpi dio pm biasanyer mlas nk dload..tp kali ni mmg rjin gler..ak dload 4 epsd je..slebihnyer diorang la..sbb ak nmpk ksgguhan diorang mmg k tgk sgt2 cter ni..my sist mnat gler 2pm..tmbh2 wooyoung yg blakon cter ni..pdhal dia 2 bkal ustzh..tp kalau bab2 korea..diala no.1.smua ambil tahu..
n hari ni pom ak sgup tggu brjam2 nk dload drimhigh ni..dhla line intnet problem..nk cmpk je rser broadbnd..hahaha.tp luckily i've succeeded download..tggu dgn sbr nk siap 800mb..fuh!!mcbr ksbran btol..
    Akhirnyer brjya jgkla ktorg dload cter ni..n now tggu epsd 14-16 utk rlease..tp bilala boleh kmpul smua episod 2..tggu diorang blik..1org di srwak..1 org d KL..n ak??hak3..tpi kalau korng ader sblings yg sma mnat mcm korang best tau..bleh share..
n tanx to this drma..mybro tba2 mndgr kta ak..huhu
dh pnjg lebar ni..tyme tgk tv plop.ader msa kgsi bnda laen pulak..salam

Thursday, 17 February 2011

it's such a shame..actually..huhu

i really can see that..everytime i watch..children ride their bicycles..happily..i felt.dissapointed..sad..and full of shame to myself and others..if i could do the same thing..but..i can't!!
 long time ago..i've try hardly..to be able..ride the bicycle..but as i keep trying..again n again(suddenly rmember to 2pm's song)hahahaha...
 it won't change anything..i was unable..many of my friends didn't know this..but here..i was not ashamed anymore to rveal the weakness of myself..as i wish i could do that..someday..when i made a full thought about..it's just not too had to be able riding a bicycle..but..why??i fail every times i tried..is it bcoz i am not a dtermined persn?but now..i just hoping that i can take my car driving license successfully..i don't want to repeat same mistakes..never!!

when will i be able to be on this??what if my hsbnd ask me to ride this?ahahaha..i'm in big trouble!!

miss the old good days..

friends..really hard to find such good friend like all of you..and hoping that our fwenship remains........saranghae chingu!!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

saengilchukahae..soohyun oppa!!1

how sweet..they even clbrate their birthday tgther..wish that i could be there..haha..wooyoung..so naughty..huhu


on 15feb..i went through a website..my b2uty..i want to order for so beast 2011..badly..it costs rm155..without further thinking.i juz dcided to order it..but..i worried..i don't know how to bank in the money..with loss of pride.i've to ask for my brother's help....and i was succes!!!i just waiting for the things to be handed to me..and i can't wait 4 it..i've to wait for 2 weeks..just be patient..here is the picture of so.beast!!2011

i'm juz starting...

i think its just a waste of time making ablog..but since..i have nothing to do right now..i should make one..to be shared with my friend..hahaha..i guess no one will read my blog..ahaha.since everyone will be busy with their fb..and now..i feel like a butterfly on my stomach..feeling nervous to wait for spm 2010 results..juz hoping for the best!!